Newborn Photographers

Please utilize this LPG Child Photographers members-only list to choose from the nations highest quality pre-screened newborn photographers. Please also visit our full featured newborn photographer directory to view these photographers full profiles!

California Newborn Photographers

San Diego Newborn Photographers ~ Nationally acclaimed newborn photography!

San Diego offers nationally acclaimed newborn photographers known for pushing the limit and being considered the "trend setters" of newborn photography. Our photographers also offer a unique style that really sets the tone for that breezy California portrait experiance...

Baby As Art: San Diego Newborn Photographers

Baby As Art features the work of nationally acclaimed newborn photographers Carrie Sandoval & Brittany Woodall. The studio is based in San Diego & art featured in "The New York Times", "Professional Photographers Magazine", & more! The team is often referred to as the "trend setters" of newborn photography.

San Diego Newborn Photographer ~ Baby As Art

Brianne Brose - San Diego Newborn Photographer

Brianne Brose Photography offers newborn portraits in the San Diego area. Brianne's style is light & modern with a breezy-California feel. She effectively couples artistic flare with organic elements within the baby's environment. Brianne is a mother of two little girls & understands the power of a photograph.

San Diego Newborn Photographer ~ Brianne Brose Photography

San Francisco Newborn Photographers ~ Capturing the unique and priceless emotions!

San Francisco offers amazing newborn photography talent. Don't miss a moment documenting these once-in-a-lifetime bonding moments. Choose from our pre-screened list of quality photographers.

San Francisco Newborn Photography: Daniela Degrassi

Daniela Degrassi Photography specializes in newborn photography in the San Francisco area. Daniela has an intimate eye that truly captures those unique and priceless emotions of your motherhood journey. She focuses on simplicity while capturing the emotions, the love, and the joy.

San Francisco Newborn Photographer ~ Daniela Degrassi Photography

J. Dunham Photography ~ San Francisco Newborn Photographer

J. Dunham Photography offers a full service, custom newborn photography experience in the San Francisco area. As a mother of four, a former childbirth educator and student midwife, she is uniquely qualified to soothe, comfort and work with your baby.

San Francisco Newborn Photographer ~ J. Dunham Photography

Sacramento Newborn Photographers ~ Creating stunning, heirloom quality art!

Sacramento newborn photographers offer a wide variety of newborn portrait art. One of our photographers has had an extensive nursing background with the experiance your looking for when handing your newborn. Another has won awards from KCRA City Voter as Best Photographer in Sacramento. Choose below from the quality photographers you've been looking for.

Sacramento Newborn Photography - Belly Beautiful Portraits

Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits specializes in fine art newborn photography in Sacramento. She has a unique creativity that captures the light and creates stunning, heirloom quality art. Karen also has an extensive background as a maternity nurse and child birth educator.

Sacramento Newborn Photographer ~ Belly Beautiful Portraits

Newborn Photographer in Sacramento - Brenda Bisharat Photography

Brenda Bisharat has been photographing newborn babies professionally for over 25 years. In 2010 her photography studio was voted 1st place by KCRA City Voter for Best Portrait Photography in Sacramento. Brenda has a passion for capturing the human spirit through photography and digital artistry, in a fun environment.

Sacramento Newborn Photographer ~ Brenda Bisharat Photography

Temecula Newborn Photographers ~ Capturing those once in a lifetime moments...

Temecula in California offers amazing newborn photography talent. Don't take a chance and utilize one of our quality newborn photographers below to capture those once in a lifetime moments.

Newborn Photographer in Temecula - Inspirations Photography

Celebrating Life! Kristy Romero believes that those two little words capture the entire essence of Inspirations Photography. Kristy specializes in unique newborn portrait photography in the Temecula area. She is known for effectively capturing all of those once in a lifetime moments.

Temecula Newborn Photographer ~ Inspirations Photography

Los Angeles Newborn Photographers ~ The Trend Setters of Newborn Photography!

Los Angeles offers nationally acclaimed newborn photographers who have been featured in "The New York Times", "Professional Photographers Magazine", and more. Choose a quality Los Angeles newborn photographer to document this unique and precious time...

Los Angeles Newborn Photography - Baby as Art

Baby As Art features the work of nationally acclaimed newborn photographers Carrie Sandoval & Brittany Woodall. The team is often referred to as the "trend setters" of newborn photography. Their art has been featured in "The New York Times", "Professional Photographers Magazine", & more!

Los Angeles Newborn Photographer ~ Baby As Art

Connecticut Newborn Photographers

Connecticut Newborn Photographers ~ Featured in print and on television!

Newborn photographers in Connecticut are known for their high quality imagery. Some have even been featured on television! Please choose from one of LPG's pre-sreened photographers below.

Connecticut newborn photography - Crista Acosta Photography

Crista Acosta is a premier Connecticut newborn photographer. Her work has been featured in print and on tv as a newborn specialist. She loves documenting newborns first few days of life. Crista's style has been described has having that classic and clean feel.

Connecticut Newborn Photographer ~ Crista Acosta Photography

Minnesota Newborn Photographers

Minneapolis Newborn Photographers ~ Capturing your baby's spirit and personality!

Minneapolis newborn photographers focus on creating authentic lifestyle portraits that capture your baby's fresh new personality. Don't miss out on this unique and limited oppertunity to document your newborns first expressions and experiances!

Minneapolis newborn photography - Olive Avenue Photography

Jess Sandager of Olive Avenue Photography offers custom newborn photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jess uses her unique and artistic style to create works of art that will last a lifetime! Her style is a blend of modern and whimsy while focusing on authentic lifestyle portraits.

Minneapolis Newborn Photographer ~ Olive Avenue Photography

Alabama Newborn Photographers

Birmingham Newborn Photographers ~ Award-winning natural light photography!

The city of Birmingham in Alabama features award-winning natural light newborn photographers. Some of Birmingham's photography studios offer many portrait art items to suit your needs from gallery wall canvases to custom designed coffee table albums.

Birmingham Newborn Photography featuring photographer Stephanie Fisher!

Stephanie Fisher is an award-winning newborn photographer in Birmingham, Alabama. Stephanie and her assistant Mandy Golightly specialize in natural light portraiture and have a studio based in Alabaster. Stephanie has a unique eye for detail and perfection that will capture images of your newborn to cherish forever.

Birmingham Newborn Photographer ~ Stephanie Fisher Photography

Hawaii Newborn Photographers

Oahu Newborn Photographers ~ Photographing the timeless memories!

Oahu newborn photographers in the Hawaiian Islands are famous for the incredible natural backdrop surroundings they are able to photograph against. Visit our newborn photographers websites below and see the most natural and breath-taking newborn photography you'll ever experiance!

Thereasa Gwinn Photography - Newborn Photography in Oahu, Hawaii

Photographer Thereasa Gwinn specializes in newborn photography in Oahu, Hawaii. Thereasa's mission is to photograph each of her clients memories as if they were her very own! She knows the importance of capturing that "real" moment and attention to detail is a personality trait that has always followed her closely in life.

Oahu Newborn Photographer ~ Thereasa Gwinn Photography

Georgia Newborn Photographers

Atlanta Newborn Photographers ~ Unique, one-of-a-kind artistic portraits!

Atlanta offers a very unique newborn portrait photography experiance. Our award-winning photographers are known for having an artistic eye and intertwining their portraits with illustrated art to really create one-of-a-kind works of art!

Turning Leaf Photography - Atlanta newborn portrait art.

Turning Leaf Photography was voted "Best in Atlanta" by Nickelodeon's ParentConnect for 2010. Photographer Kristie Andraschko's style is naturally posed, candid and photojournalistic with a flair for the artistic eye. Kristie intertwines her love of art with photography to create heirloom photo art.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer ~ Turning Leaf Photography

Maryland Newborn Photographers

Baltimore Newborn Photographers ~ Creating flawless newborn imagery!

Baltimore newborn photographers are famous for capturing all the tinyest of details. You won't believe some of the award winning newborn photography talent that Baltimore has to offer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime unique time, utilize one of our 'quality' prescreened photographers below.

Kim Flores Photography - Newborn Photographer in Baltimore

Kim Flores Photography specializes in newborn photography in Baltimore, MD. Kim has often been referred to as "a baby whisperer" as she has a special knack with easing newborns to sleep, for timeless simple images. Her work was published on the cover of Modern Babies and displayed in Macy's national advertising.

Baltimore Newborn Photographer ~ Kim Flores Photography

Louisiana Newborn Photographers

New Orleans Newborn Photographers ~ Modern yet timeless newborn imagery

New Orleans newborn photographers offer a classic touch with an occasional whimsical flare. Be aware that with these photographers booking at least 4-8 weeks in advance is highly recommended to ensure availability.

Newborn and Baby Photographer in New Orleans

Amy Drouet Photography specializes in modern, yet timeless, custom photography for newborns. With a focus on natural light, she delivers classic images with a contemporary and sometimes whimsical flair. Amy's patience, attention to detail and love of babies shines through in her newborn images.

New Orleans Newborn Photographer ~ Amy Drouet Photography

Pennsylvania Newborn Photographers

Philadelphia Newborn Photographers ~ Breath-taking natural light imagery!

Philadelphia offers some amazing on-location natural light newborn photographers. Our photographers offer a variety of portrait packages to suite your families needs. Many also offer belly to baby packages as well as babies 1st year packages!

Beira Brown Photography - Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Beira Brown is one of the premier newborn photographers in the Reading area. She has a relaxed & laid back approach when photographing babies, never rushing & giving each client personalized attention. Her images are classic & fresh with a focus on capturing the natural beauty of each baby she photographs.

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer ~ Beira Brown Photography

Washington Newborn Photographers

Spokane Newborn Photographers ~ Blending modern styles for a sense of timelessness.

Spokane newborn photographers strive to capture your timeless memories for you to remember for years to come. Our photographers utilize natural light while shooting on-location to offer you a very unique and modern style of photography.

Jaidean Baker offers natural light newborn photography in Spokane, Washington

Jaidean Baker offers natural light newborn photography in Spokane, Washington. Jaidean weaves her style into what her clients have describer her portraits as "a new kind of classic". Seamlessly blending a modern portrait style with a sense of timelessness.

Spokane Newborn Photographer ~ Jaidean Baker Photography

Seattle Newborn Photographers ~ Capturing those tiny & delicate miraculous newborns!

Seattle newborn photographers have a strong focus on fine art newborn portraiture. They will create artistic wall-art of your newborn for you and your loved ones to cherish for years to come!

The Portrait Place - Seattle Newborn Portraiture

The Portrait Place - Photography by Alecia Silva specializes in fine art newborn portraiture. Alecia's favorite subject is most definitely a "fresh out of the womb" newborn. Images coming from her sessions remind her of why she originally fell in love with photography!

Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ The Portrait Place

Massachusetts Newborn Photographers

Boston Newborn Photographers ~ Fresh and creative story telling imagery

Newborn photographers in Boston are known for their quality photography, creating story telling imagery, exceeding expectations, and classy luxury experiances. You'll be amazed by the talent and uniqueness offered by the newborn photographers below.

Kristina Young Newborn Photography in Boston, MA

Kristina Young Photography specializes in natural light newborn photography in Boston, Ma. Kristina effectively blends her contemporary style with lifestyle images to create truly unique imagery. Her natural light studio was designed to exceed your expectations so expect an end-to-end luxury experience.

Boston Newborn Photographer ~ Kristina Young Photography

Boston Newborn Portrait Photographer - Crabapple Photography

Crabapple Photography is run by newborn photographer Kate McKenna in Boston, MA. To Kate, taking newborn portraits ranks up there as an all time favorite ways to pass time. Kate has a style which is fresh, creative and whimsical. She strives to meet every client expectation, with an emphasis on their happiness and well being.

Boston Newborn Photographer ~ Crabapple Photography

New York Newborn Photographers

NYC Newborn Photographers ~ Highly experienced & publicized photographers!

New York City offers some of the highest regarded newborn photographers. These photographers are well known for their natural light artistic imagery for your family to cherish forever!

Joanie Schwarz Portraiture - New York City Newborn Photography

Joanie Schwarz's artwork has been widely publicized including in the New York Times, World Report & Time Magazine! Her newborn photography sessions are lighthearted & easy. She believes a session should take however long it takes to get the perfect images so with her the clock never ticks.

New York City Newborn Photographer ~ Joanie Schwarz Portraiture

Washington DC Newborn Photographers

Washington DC Photographers ~ Exceptional eye for the little details!

LPG features amazingly talented newborn photographers in Washington DC. Our photographers have exceptional eyes for the littlest of details to ensure a memorable experiance!

Little Moon newborn photography in Washington DC

Little Moon Photography is run by photographer Amber Scruggs specializing in newborn photography in Washington DC. Amber has an exceptional eye for details and her style is timeless with a modern twist. She loves capturing the first year of the baby's life, most importantly the first few weeks.

Washington DC Newborn Photographer ~ Little Moon Photography

Washington DC Newborn Photography by Shey Marin Photography

Shey Detterline of Shey Marin Photography is an award winning newborn photographer in the Washington DC area. Shey blends colorful and vibrant styling with a modern twist. She focuses on weaving tiny and creative details throughout each of her newborn portraits.

Washington DC Newborn Photographer ~ Shey Marin Photography

Texas Newborn Photographers

Houston Newborn Photographers ~ Capturing those first newborn milestones!

Houston offers an awesome variety of newborn photography talent. Choose from one of our pre-screened 'quality' photographers to ensure you capture those important first baby milestones!

Kerri Mathis Photography - Newborn Photographer in Houston, Texas

Kerri Mathis Photography is a Houston based photographer specializing in on-location newborn portraiture. Kerri's approach is simple and focused keeping attention on the tiniest nuances of the baby. Her images are a perfect fit for the modern home with a throw-back timeless quality.

Houston Newborn Photographer ~ Kerri Mathis Photography

Austin Newborn Photographers ~ Blending the modern and traditional elements!

Austin newborn photographers offer a high quality and unique portrait experience! Our photographers specialize in taking both modern and traditional elements and blending them to create timeless imagery.

Libby Ann Photography - Seamlessly blending modern with traditional portraiture

Libby Ann Photography offers unique newborn portraits in Austin, Texas. Libby's eclectic style is warm, exuberant and timeless in application. She is an on location natural light photographer and seamlessly blends the modern look of lifestyle photography with the traditional elements of portraiture.

Austin Newborn Photographer ~ Libby Ann Photography

Dallas Newborn Photographers ~ Blending the modern and traditional elements!

Dallas offers amazing newborn portrait artists. Fun and laid back sessions can be shot on-location and with natural light. Be prepared for the photography experiance of a lifetime.

Leah Cook Photography - Dallas Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions have become an obsession for Dallas based photographer, Leah Cook. Her distinguished style and approach combines both modern portraiture and a touch of whimsy. Leah strives to connect with new parents and their sweet babies... resulting in images that reflect them - pure and unique.

Dallas Newborn Photographer ~ Leah Cook Photography