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For years photographers and photography clients have never had a trust-worthy resource to locate or advertise 'quality photography'. Unlike popular directory resources, LPG personally researches each photographer to ensure that top rated experiance for our visitors.

LPG hosts a long list of some of the highest accomplished photographers in the industry. Many of our photographers are published regularly in photography, wedding, and parenting resources across the globe.

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Thank you for joining us for this quick feature tour of Local Photography Guides. When we heavily researched the various principles we wanted our guides to have, we found that most photography clients were in search of unique imagery to best represent their own indivdual charactoristics. That's when we decided, "Why should a directory be any different?" and started from there.

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Daniela Degrassi Photography

At the begining of your experiance we want you to feel and see the difference that our own dedicated team and featured photographers provide to our clients. Large breath-taking imagery has allowed us to captivate you from the start; while revealing our photographers sense of style and ability to draw out unique and timeless emotions.

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We have scattered professionally designed banners throught our site which has greatly enhanced our clients experiance. Our site allows no outside advertising as we feel this impacts our sites worthyness and takes away from both you and our photographers.

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Our photographer profiles were designed to be beatiful & informational. We also gave photographers the oppertunity to give their potential clients an in-depth view of the quality of photography offered to each & every client which we have enabled through our new "sessions" feature.

Other Features Include:

  • Portfolio Slideshow
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